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About Us

   We are an autonomous Southern Baptist (SBC) church established in 1886 in the beautiful East Feliciana Parish and located in the village of Norwood, LA.  It was organized with a commitment to walk together in Christian love, to promote the development and spiritual growth of the church, to increase the Christian influence in Norwood and the surrounding communities, to educate our children, to seek the salvation of the lost, to affirm God's love and our love for all sinners while hating all sin, to minster to each other's needs, to remember each other in prayer and to aid each other in sickness and distress.  These still remain our driving commitments. 


  • In 1886, construction of first sanctuary. 

  • In 1962, construction of new parsonage. 

  • In 1976, construction of new sanctuary.

  • In 1988, construction of first educational building. 

  • In 1999, we adopted our mission statement, "Believing, Trusting and Sharing Jesus Christ".

  • In 2000, construction of an additional educational building with gym and kitchen. 

We're part of the William Wallace Baptist Association

Pastors; From Our Founding In 1886 Until Present 

Peter Turner (1886 -1887) 

Elder Thomas Landsell (1888-1894) 

Elder P.L. Parker (1894-1897) 

Elder M.T. Andrews (1898)

Elder Albert S. Bond (1898-1899) 

Elder Ervin F. Lyon (1899-1903)

Rev. W.S. Allen (1904-1905)

Rev. H.H. Webb (1905)

Rev. W.E. Hathon (1906-1910) 

Rev. J.G. Murphy (1910)

Rev. T.R. Woodson (1910-1912) 

Rev. E.L. Bacloin (1912-1913) 

Rev. William A. McCain (1913-1918)

Rev. D. Felhman (1918-1919) 

Rev. William A. McCain (1919-1924) 

Rev. W. Allen (1924)

Rev. N.L. Roberts (1924-1926)

Rev. E.E. Coluin (1927-1928)

Rev. William A. McCain (1930-1932)

Rev. W.C. Hamit (1933-1935)

Rev. P.D. Sullivan (1935-1936)

Rev. R.G. Dykes (1936)

Rev. H.B. Benson (1940-1941)

Rev. Charles Hood (1942-1944)

Rev. J.E. Wakefield (1945)

Rev. J.B. Powers (1947-1949)

Rev. L.A. Combs (1949-1952)

Rev. M.R. Dixon (1952-1961)

Rev. R. Kirby Godsey (1961-1962)

Rev. M.M. Havard (1962-1963)

Rev. Richard Dayringer (1963-1964)

Rev. Ivy Ingles (1965-1967)

Rev. John Forsman (1967-1970)

Rev. John Fisk (1970-1982)

Rev. Clifton Craft (1982-1984)

Rev. Wayne VanHorn (1984-1988)

Rev. Albert Hopkins (1988-1991)

Rev. David Crowe (1992-1993)

Rev. Ron Boysel (1995-1997)

Rev. Tom Carlton (1999-2003)

Rev. Michael Whitlow (2003-2004)

Rev. Kevin Sartin (2005-2013)

Rev. Joe Ratcliff, Interim (2013-2014)

Rev. Rickie Wilson II (2014-2017)

Rev. Joe Ratcliff, Interim (2017-2018)

Rev. James "Jimmy" Womack (2018-2020)

Rev. Mike Shumock, Interim (2020-2022)R

Rev. Cory Magee (2022- Present)

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