NBC Youth

sunday mornings @9 am

Youth Conference

  Lifeway® Bible Studies for Life: Students curriculum helps the youth apply the key points to their everyday lives.  This class is a lecture/discussion format designed around a plan to help disciple students with wisdom, starting with real-life issues and connecting them to God’s Word in an intentional way.  

  Every session is designed to be clear by providing relatable, real-life issues in a clean, easy-to-follow design; interactive  By forming connections through concise teaching plans, engaging questions, creative interaction, and personal reflection; and intentional by equipping students through powerful discussion questions, Live It Out session summary, interactive opportunities, and five days of additional devotions.

  This class includes 7th-12th graders and is taught by Mrs. Kasey Daniels, NBC youth minister.  She uses the Bible study for life  This class meets in a classroom in the back of the gym.